Presenting Yourself Face to Face

As I enter into the blogosphere, I want to be extremely practical and useful. To write about something that both helps everyone become more effective and secure in their work and also brings some new information about that most powerful weapon—communicating. And is it ever a problem to many people—and now more than ever! So this blog is dedicated to that. Please join the conversation—let’s be honest about the problems you’re having, communicating-whether at work, at home or in relationships.

Here’s step 1.

Want to sell a product, an idea, a skill or you yourself? It can never happen electronically! No matter what, people finally want to hear it and experience it from you –live, in person. And here’s the problem: It’s really hard to holding people’s attention any more.  No one’s listening any more. They’re distracted, checking their blackberrys, their IMs, tweets, and sharing their mind-space is really hard.

SO–whether you’re talking to a client, an employee, a co- worker or  a supervisor, the old forms of communication – talking and listening – are becoming obsolete. Our new technologies- instant messaging, blogging, tweeting, facebooking—these are all about seeing information, not hearing it. We’re used to looking at, not listening to information.

But  one thing  hasn’t changed.

None of this has the impact of a face-to face presentation and encounter.

Fine. But now you know that our electronic short-circuit to selling and presenting yourself, makes doing it in person much harder. What can you do now to get and keep anyone’s attention face-to-face? What can make you a great live communicator these days?

To get and hold the attention of the person(s) you’re talking, here’s the secret:  focus on them and what they need, want, like, care about— not all about what you need—when you talk to them…

Great communicating is all about your audience—not you.

People are motivated by their own self-interest, first and foremost. So the sooner you can hook your message into what they want, like or  are worried about, what solutions can theyuse —the sooner you hook them into your message!!

You need to figure out what your audience wants and deliver that because the key question your audience will ask is “What’s in it for me? Why should I listen?”

And you must become not only more knowledgeable but also more  flexible and able to adapt your conversational style to your audience. Being aware of these changes can help you anticipate people’s needs, and make you and your message really effective, wherever you want it to make a difference.

So—I’m looking forward to hearing from you. What are you issues? Where do you get stuck? Who’s not listening to you???


4 thoughts on “Presenting Yourself Face to Face

  1. Sonya — congrats on your blog and getting your message(s) out there. I really look forward to following you as you have a lot to say and share and a fine perspective. As a fundraiser, I find I accidently “hide” behind my computer as I feel I can reach larger numbers of people on any given day rather than one appointment at a time. But, in reality, when I am face-to-face with someone, nothing can replace that energy exhange, the uniqueness of the moment and the human touch. It’s a balance of both but way too often the end of the week comes and I realize 90% of my time has been sitting at a keyboard typing away. This entry of yours gave me another reminder of what I know already…human connection will never be outmoded and it will always rule over technological exchanges (and I am a technophile!). Looking forward to checking your blog for more suggestions, reminders and wisdom. Best, Jennifer

  2. What an exquisite start! Your commentaries are full of insight, and I almost felt you talking to me (just like your books). Thanks for keeping me in touch with my world.

  3. (Overture)…….. Curtain’s Up!

    And Ta–Dah! Sonya Hamlin steps out on to the blogging-stage.

    Just love the concept. So on point.

    Delighted to add my applause to that of your ever growing cyber-audience.

    And am looking forward to being able to ‘hear’ your insightful comments, conveyed in your signature down-to-earth style — whether the message is delivered above, below, or between the lines.

    Lorraine B.

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